Provides a three-column (w/ vertically-split center column and all columns/panes individually resizable) liquid-layout, viewport-based user-interface for a data-oriented Web application.
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Provides a viewport-based user-interface for a data-oriented Web application.  Good for use with single-"Web page" Web applications. The basic skeleton of the user-interface is similar to that used in MS (R) "Outlook" and other applications: a left-hand column, a main center column divided into a master-detail pane arrangement, and a right-hand column.  Reference implementation uses, as a JavaScript engine, YUI3.  However, YUI3 only does the resizing and DOM access, so other frameworks should work with it as well.

Differs significantly from the ExtJs (TM) Viewport in that it aligns closely with html and css, instead of layering its own rendering engine on top of them.  Results in a fast-to-debug, clear, fast-to-load, small-download viewport with a robust level of functionality and extensibility.  

Known Issues
a) When resizing the columns such that the center column is at a minimum width, and then moving the visible part of the center column by continuing to drag on the resize handles, the resize-column functionality is lost.
b) In some unknown circumstances, IE 8 and IE 7 will throw an error upon loading this code.  At other times, it works perfectly.