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NottsJS Talks

A repo for organising talk proposals and discussing talks with speakers

Talk Format

  • Each event has up to 2 speaker slots available.
  • Each talk is allocated 20 minute, however this can be altered on a per-case basis.


Its simple. Open an issue to submit a talk.

Please structure the issue as following:

  • Title: [Talk Title]
  • Body: [Abstract of your talk]

If you are looking for feedback on your talk or have additional question, reply to your issue with extra comments stating your questions but please keep them off the body of the original issue text itself


Everyone is welcome to speak, we take our Code of Conduct very seriously.

Mozilla diversity scholarship fund

Mozilla is committed to building an open web community where everyone can participate.

The scholarship fund is Mozilla's way of helping us fund travel for participants from under represented groups to speak at the event.

If you want to speak at our events but feel you need help getting here send us an email.

As a reminder we have a CoC at the event and we take it seriously. We also follow Mozilla's participation guidelines and if you feel more comfortable you can email them with any issue that arises at the event.


  • Once your issue is assigned a milestone, it has been approved and confirmed.
  • Check the milestone date for confirmation of the event date.

After the event

Please tweet a url to your slides and put the link in your proposal as a comment.

Thanks, <3 NottsJs team

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A repo for organising talk proposals and discussing talks with speakers



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