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A simple, minimal RogueLike demo (an @ moving around a hardcoded map) implemented in multiple languages.

Trying to follow the idioms of those languages and keep things very, very simple - which is why the initial version doesn't make use of objects in most of the languages.

Would love to see more languages in here or improvements made by people who know any of these languages better than I do.

  I've created a new repository for SimpleRLGolf, implement SimpleRL in as few
  bytes as possible:

Planned forks, implenting the following in all languages (where OO is appropriate):
  very naive oo version
    more expandable and modular version
      a very simple map generator
        from there, in unknown order:
          - multiple levels
          - items/inventory
          - enemies/combat/player stats
          - fov
          - win condition/goal
          - other niceties
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