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:art: code your diagrams, because drawing them really sucks
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This is a little app that lets you write diagrams in a simple DSL, because I hate dragging and dropping things and hoping they snap-to-grid. Which they never do.

It's written in CoffeeScript, and uses Raphael.js to draw things. It uses other things too, including your kitchen sink. It's not done yet, so some features will work like crazy monkeys.

Things that work

Connecting blocks

You can connect blocks through lines (solid and dotted)

a -- b
a .. b

On which you can use connectors (arrows and diamonds)

a -> b
a ..> b
a <-b
a -<> b
a <>..b

Any line that starts with a // is considered a comment. What, you don't comment your diagrams? :)


Blocks can have colours:

a -> b {red}
c{#ffb700} -> d

These colours can be either css colours names, or hex strings. If you have multiple statements applying different colours to the same block, last write wins.

Messages on arrows

You get one message per arrow, like so:

a -> b : o hai there arrow!

At the moment I'm not doing anything fancy about positioning this message, so it might overlap other arrows/messages/blocks

Predefining blocks

If you want, you can pre-define and style all your blocks at the beginning of the code, and then connect them afterwards, like so:

a {red}
b {yellow}
a -- b
a -> c
b <>-d

Things that don't work

(and that we call "open issues", are pretty annoying, and I'm working on fixing:)

  • exporting the svg to a png loses the arrow heads and the dotted lines. yay :(
  • the REPL gets very slow if you have a ton of blocks. This is because it's a dumb REPL, and on keyup redraws the entire diagram.
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