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đź‘” [forever unfinished] t-shirt sizing / progress tracking app for scrum planning. because sometimes you just have to. and because i have to learn websockets somehow.
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shrink wrap

tiny little web tool that helps you with task t-shirt sizing (aka effort estimation, aka assigning story points) for a scrum planning meeting.


shrink wrap can be just client side js, using local storage, and you don't have to do anything other than launch the index.html in a browser.

awesome usage

if you want, shrink wrap also comes with a node server, making it a glorified chat room. of little cards being dragged around. To set it up:

npm install websocket
npm install node-static
node server.js

awesomer usage

if your team doesn't use t-shirt sizes and uses something else (points, poker, number of cat videos a task is worth, etc.), all you have to do is edit the index.html (add/remove/rename the .draggable divs), and the Constants.columns, Constants.CardSizes variables in helpers.js. Fact.

For that matter, you can even make this into a super light progress tracking app, by making four columns (not started, in progress, to review, done). Look at the progress-tracking branch for an example. That's it, that's all.

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