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tools I use:

  • zsh(oh-my-zsh)
  • tmux(tmux-powerline)
  • vim(vim-powerline)
  • git
  • z
  • dircolors-solarized


  1. clone my dotfile repo

    # git clone ~/Dotfile # git submodule init # git submodule update

  2. install all the commandline tools using homebrew with this script:

    # ./.brewInit
  3. install all the plugins of vim via vundle:

    # mkdir -p ~/.vim/bundle
    # git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vundle
    # vim +BundleInstall +qall
  4. colorize ls output with solarized theme dircolors with two lines added in the zshrc:

    alias ls='gls --color=auto'
    eval `gdircolors ~/.dir_colors`