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ZiGate USB-TTL module for Node.js
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The project aims to provide low & high level APIs for managing the Zigate USB TTL key (cf. in node.js

This project is still under active development ; not very usable yet. It's mostly for developpers which want to have a look / contribute.

This project is composed of two main parts, representing two level of abstraction of the Zigate key:

  • The Zigate.Driver is a 'lower level' abstraction of the Zigate key ; it manages the connexion to the serial port of the ZiGate and provides utility functions to connect/disconnect to the Zigate key, build & send requests and parse & be notified of responses.

  • The Zigate.Coordinator, an higher abstraction on top of the Zigate.Driver class ; it provides additionnal features:

    • uses the Zigate.Driver for low-level interaction with the zigate key.
    • exposes the availables devices, their endpoints / clusters / attributes and actions on them (get/set attribute's values, ...)
    • keeps a trace of the devices included in the network, for persistance on next run.
    • stores metadata related to zigbee devices' specifications: endpoints/clusters/attributes
    • provides a simple API to start/stop the inclusion mode (to include/Exclude a zigbee device in the Zigate's
    • recognizes devices, and creates appropriate values, events, actions objects, to interact easily with the device.


For the moment, no npm repository ; fetch directly from git

npm install git+


This module depends on node module 'serialport', which is based on a native addon (compiled by node-gyp). Therefore, some build tools must be present on your machine, to make the installation successfull.

quick test:

The test sample:

  • instanciate the Driver,
  • setup the event listeners
  • (try to) guess the Zigate port,
  • open a connexion to it
  • send a command 'get_version'
  • wait for the response, display it
  • close the connexion.
  • exit
git clone
cd node-zigate
npm install
npm test/test-driver


let's have a look at the wiki of node-zigate !

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