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[deprecated] some showcase of rack,sinatra, and sequel
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ruby OFF rails - deprecated

WARNING: This Repository will never update. I will create another showcase repository to use jquery mobile as front end.

This showcase has 3 components:

First is some rack middlewares, including:

  •, a rack middleware do nothing
  •, add response time to HTTP body
  •, alter HTTP method

Before start, execute "gem install rack" to install rack. Then run "rackup" and goto http://localhost:9292 for result.

Replace with "" name and navigate the same URL. Then run "rackup" and goto http://localhost:9292?_method=post for result. And replace "post" with "put" and "delete" to see result.

Next is infinity.rb, a simple sinatra program can process 3 URLs.

Before start, run "gem install sinatra" to install sinatra Then run "ruby infinity.rb" and access above urls to see output.

Last is sinatra+sequel program, a Create-Update-Read-Delete application.

Before start, run "bundle install" to install sequel and amagalite database driver. Then run "ruby notes.rb" and go to http://localhost:4567/notes for result.

Before, a rails metal demo for Rails 2.3 was included. It was removed because I want to keep this repo simple and clean. In Rails 3.0, you can map a url direct to a Rack middleware, metal is deprecated. test

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