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Creates a menu from an object of keys
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Menu Helper for Nova Framework

Creates a menu from an object of keys. A typical table would be setup like this:

The parentID == 0 means it's a top level item with no children Where the parentID has a number it matches the pageID so it belongs to the parent row.

For instance in the table below Hosting, Web Design and SEO are children of Services.

pageID pageTitle pageSlug parentID
1 About about 0
2 Services services 0
3 Hosting hosting 2
4 Web Design web-design 2
5 SEO seo 2
6 Contact contact 0

##Install Add Menu.php to app/Helpers


Create an Alias

use App\Helpers\Menu;

Page in the params:

  • $rows = the object holding the keys
  • $id - the name of the id column
  • $title - the name of the title column
  • $slug - the name of the slug column
  • $parent - the name of the parent column

Usage Example

$pages = $this->model->getPages();
$data['menu'] = Menu::getList($pages, $id = 'pageID', $title = 'pageTitle', $slug = 'pageSlug', $parent = 'parentID');
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