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This is the Jekyll source for our site:

Who are we?

We are a group of people who use the cloud/web/internet. We want to make sure our data is safe in the event of cyber attacks and/or everyday mistakes of sysadmins and programmers. When the unthinkable happens in the cloud, we want to make sure our data aren't destroyed.

What do we want?

Today, we have many systems for intrusion detection (IDS) and prevention (IPS). However, once an intruder is on the inside of a cloud business. Even without an external attack, people make mistakes, and with current cloud systems, those mistakes can be disastrous. Our goal is to stop the virtually assured destruction (NoVAD, get it?) of cloud businesses when mistakes or attacks occur.

How can we stop VAD?

If cloud providers to implement the following cyber safeguards, attacks can be stopped immediately and mistakes won't be as disastrous.

  • VSCRAM™ - Nuclear reactors have a safety control rod axe man (SCRAM), which forces a large insertion of negative reactivity. Cloud clients should have the ability to call in or text a VSCRAM code to a cloud service provider to force an immediate shutdown and freeze all of the client's servers and assets.

  • VLockdown™ - Cloud clients should have a VLockdown code to freeze all adminstrative access and destructive operations.

  • VDelete™ - Like the Trash can on your desktop, deleted cloud assets should not be destroyed immediately. Even a few hours delay before "emptying the trash" would help save a business from destruction.

How can you help?

Join our our LinkedIn Group to show support for NoVAD.

Tell your friends to join!

Get in touch with cloud providers and businesses. Let them know you support NoVAD, and you want them to implement our sensible cyber safeguards.

We need help improving our message. Fork this github repo, and improve our content.

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