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Quagga/Bird LookingGlass - Daemon: C - Frontend: PHP
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CLG - LookingGlass


CLG - LookingGlass is a user-friendly BGP looking glass for quagga and bird.

The reason for the development was my participation in dn42 using a small OpenWRT router. At this time there were no reasonable looking glasses for quagga.
Due to the small memory of my OpenWRT router and to gather experience with C, I decided to write the demon in C.

Later, I migrated my peerings to a larger VPS and used bird as BGP daemon. Therefore LookingGlass now supports bird and quagga (partially).

ajax.php version: v1.3.0
map.php version: v1.0.0


CLG - LookingGlass


  • IPv4 & IPv6 support
  • Live output (streaming)
  • Multiple themes (must be added manually)
  • Rate limiting of network commands

Implemented commands (IPv4 & IPv6)

  • whois
  • tcpconnect
  • tcpconnect6
  • ping
  • ping6
  • traceroute
  • traceroute6
  • summary
  • summary6
  • route
  • route6
  • bgpmap (IPv4 only)
  • as
  • as6

Requirements - PHP Frontend

  • PHP >= 5.3
  • Image_GraphViz
  • PHP PDO with SQLite driver (required for rate-limit)

Requirements - C Daemon

  • libevent2


  1. Clone LookingGlass frontend to the intended folder within your web directory
  2. Configure LookingGlass (LookingGlass/Config.php)
  3. Block public access to files under LookingGlass/*


First, I'd like to thank Telephone and his work on his Looking Glass.
It has a clear and structured theme, which I use here as well. I also use the rate limitting class from Telephone.

Code is licensed under GNU General Public License, version 3 (GPL-3.0), except for LookingGlass/RateLimit.php which is licensed under MIT Public License.

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