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Syntax highlighting for Yang files

Intellij Idea


Copy file idea/yang.xml to <idea config dir>/config/filetypes. <idea config dir> is usually located in your home directory, e.g. ~/.IdeaIC12.



  • Install Color Editor plugin http://gstaff.org/colorEditor/

  • Copy eclipse/yang.xml into plugin modes directory (tip: rename jar file to zip, copy yang.xml to zip file, rename file back to jar)

  • update catalog file in modes directory, add folowing line to the end before last </MODES>

     <MODE NAME="yang"               FILE="yang.xml"
                                     FILE_NAME_GLOB="*.yang" />
  • start eclipse, open yang file with Open with ..., choose Syntax coloring editor

Fomatter (indentation)

  • requires emacs to be installed (sudo apt-get install emacs or sudo apt-get install emacs23-nox)
  • Copy formatter/indent_yang file shell script to some directory that is referenced by $PATH variable (e.g. `~/bin')
  • In Intellij Idea go to Settings -> Extrnal Tools, install it as external tool with $FilePath$ parameter
  • in Eclipse -> Install it as External Tool (uncheck Build before launch), note: Indent only saved file

indent_yang file provided by Miroslav Hedl

Yang modelling tools

See yangbuilder at https://bitbucket.org/novakmi/yangbuilder