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# This file is sourced on all invocations of the shell.
# If the -f flag is present or if the NO_RCS option is
# set within this file, all other initialization files
# are skipped.
# This file should contain commands to set the command
# search path, plus other important environment variables.
# This file should not contain commands that produce
# output or assume the shell is attached to a tty.
# Global Order: zshenv, zprofile, zshrc, zlogin
export HISTSIZE=2000
export SAVEHIST=2000
export HISTFILE=~/.zsh_history
export LESS="-c -M -S -i -f -R"
#export LESSCHARSET="utf-8"
export VISUAL='vim'
export EDITOR='vim'
export BROWSER='chromium'
export TEXDOCVIEW_html="chromium %s"
export TEXDOCVIEW_dvi="kdvi %s"
export TEXDOCVIEW_pdf="kpdf %s"
export OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome
type -p dircolors &>/dev/null && eval `dircolors -b`
zmodload -ab zsh/pcre pcre_compile
# tie LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the array ldpath
export -U path
case $(uname -s) in
Linux) export -TU LD_LIBRARY_PATH ldpath;;
Darwin) export -TU DYLD_FALLBACK_LIBRARY_PATH ldpath;;
*) echo "Don't know how to setup ldpath for $(uname -s)";;
export -TU PYTHONPATH python_path
export -TU GEM_PATH gem_path
export -TU PKG_CONFIG_PATH pkg_path
export -TU PERL5LIB perl_path
export SHELL=/bin/zsh
export MY_TERM=xterm
setopt extended_glob
for zshrc in ~/.zsh/env.d/[0-9][0-9]*[^~] ; do
source $zshrc
if [[ -f "${HOME}/.gentoo/java-env-classpath" ]]; then
source ${HOME}/.gentoo/java-env-classpath
[[ -r $HOME/.zshenv.local ]] && source $HOME/.zshenv.local
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