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Twisted makes writing web servers from scratch pretty easy, but we can make it
easier.  When you really just want to run a little bit of code on a request
Twisted requires you to create a custom Resource class and feed this through a
Site into the reactor as a TCP server -- frack that.

The "consumer" module provides one helper function that can be used as a
decorator to upgrade a single function to a custom Resource and another to
simplify serving it on a given port.

Here's a simple example:

> from consumer import consumer, server
> @consumer
> def dump(request):
>   print request
>   return "thanks!"
> server(dump, 80)

And, if you aren't afraid of decorators doing a little more than decorating,
consider this variant that the module also supports:

> from consumer import easy_consume
> @easy_consume(80)
> def f(request):
>   print request
>   return "whatevz!"

The "serve" function is quite generous in what it accepts for its first
argument. Assuming you have defined 'f' and 'g' as consumers as before you can
create a server from both consumers at once using syntax like this:

> serve({'letter_f':f,'letter_g':g})

or simply

> serve([f,g])

if you' like '/f' to be handled by f and '/g' to be handled by g.