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tbclient is a command line client for REST service on top of Marcuscom Tinderbox.


First you need to ensure you have everything needed installed:

  • Python 2.6+ (not sure if works on earlier versions)

Installation is pretty simple, just execute:

sudo python install


Create a configuration file ~/.tbc:

apihost =
username = username
passwd = userpass

Set reasonable permissions on it:

chmod 600 ~/.tbc

And now you should be ready.


Listing Builds

$ tbc build id name status current port updated 1 8.x-FreeBSD IDLE None 2011-01-30 14:05:25 $

Getting Build Details

To get details of a build with id '1' use:

$ tbc build 1
name: 8.x-FreeBSD
description: 8.x with FreeBSD ports tree.
status: IDLE
updated: 2011-01-30 14:05:25
currentport: None
remake count: 0
jail id: 1
portstree_id: 1

Listing Queue Entries

$ tbc queue
 id   username                 port        build pri     status            enqueued           completed
 10      novel      security/gnutls  8.x-FreeBSD  10    SUCCESS 2011-01-30 13:54:43 2011-01-30 14:05:27

Adding Queue Entry

$ tbc queue add -b 1 -p 5 editors/vim

Where 1 is id of a build and 5 is a priority.


Feel free to drop a mail to if you have any feedback.