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[lc-tools][] is a unified client for cloud APIs based
on [libcloud][].
### gg-tools
[gg-tools][] is a Python package that supports [GoGrid][] API
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use [gg-tools][] if you need to work with GoGrid at lower level
that libcloud's abstraction.
### ecru
[ecru][] is a command line client for LiveJournal which relies
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I haven't had much time to spend on C++ and blogging but I
hope to get back to this project soon.
### cdf
[cdf][] is a *c*olorful *df*, written in C with help of
_Pierre Chifflier_. I haven't updated for a long time,
but it works fine still.
# Contributor
## Actual
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I got my [FreeBSD][] ports commit bit back in 2005. Time to time
I create _src_ and _doc_ patches.
### libcloud
Started working on [libcloud][] not so long ago, mainly supporting
[GoGrid][] driver.
## Past
List of projects I've used to contribute to:
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and stopped using conky, therefore stopped supporting conky and passed
maintainership to other person.
### PearPC
[PearPC][] is a PowerPC emulator, a very interesting project. I've been only
improving portability of GNU autotools based build system. Unfortunately,
the project doesn't seem to be active anymore.
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