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Novels Project Identifiers
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Novels Project Identifiers

The file novels-project-identifiers.json contains a mapping between bibliographic identifiers. The keys in the JSON dictionary are Novels Project identifiers (integers starting with 1) and the values are other canonical identifiers.

For example, the novel with Novels Project identifier 68 is Charlotte Smith's Letters of a Solitary Wanderer (1800). This novel also appears in Garside, Raven, and Schöwerling's Bibliographical Survey of Prose Fiction Published in the British Isles with an identifier 1800A068. So part of the novels-project-identifiers.json file looks like this:

"68": {
  "novels-project": 68,
  "garside-raven-schöwerling": "1800A068"

The data format used is UTF-8 encoded JSON. Corrections are welcome.

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