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Pure Javascript Picture Gallery for Titanium


This pure javascript picture gallery provides you with a ready-to-use gallery, made of two components. A gallery of thumbnails, in which the user can quickly check pictures and a scrollable gallery of pictures, opened when the user touch one of the thumbnails. It works on both iOS and Android.


This javascript library is still in beta. Feel free to report any issues, fork it, pull some request or make it fit your own needs!

Use the library

It is as simple as copy the javascript file along with the images/ directory somewhere in your project and include the javascript file:


Once included, the file will create a new namespace, named PictureGallery.


Here is a minimal example :


var images = [{
  path:'pathe/to/image', // /!\ To be changed

var pictureGallery = PictureGallery.createWindow({
  images: images,
  title: 'Holiday pictures'

This will create a ready-to-use gallery, using built-in default values.

createWindow returns a Titanium Window. We plan to include another function which will return a view, usable in other windows.

Setting images

The images property takes an array of dictionaries. Each dictionary contains three properties, with path being the only one mandatory. caption obviously holds the caption while the thumbPath property holds the optional thumbnail image. If thumbPath is missing, the library will stretch down the image given by path.

var images = [{
  caption: 'My beautiful picture!'
}, {
  caption: 'My other beautiful picture!'

var pictureGallery = PictureGallery.createWindow({
  images: images

The thumbnail gallery

You can custom the thumbnail gallery by passing a dictionary to the thumbGallery property. This dictionary supports the following properties:

  • numberOfColumn Number generic number of column, will be overwrited by the two properties below. Use this property to quickly set the same number of columns for both orientations;

  • numberOfColumnPortrait Number number of column in portrait mode, overwrites numberOfColumn if specified;

  • numberOfColumnLandscape Number number of column in landscape mode, overwrites numberOfColumn if specified;

  • forceRealPixelSize Number forces the thumbSize property to be read as a true pixel value rather than a density pixel value (false by default);

  • thumbSize Number size of the thumbnail, will be used for the width and the height of the thumb;

  • thumbPadding Number the padding between two thumbnails (density pixel), will be ignored if thumbSize is set;

  • thumbBorderColor String border color of thumbnails;

  • thumbBorderWidth Number border width of thumbnails;

  • thumbBorderRadius Number border radius of thumbnails;

  • thumbBackgroundColor String background color of thumbnails;

  • backgroundColor String background color for the thumbnail gallery

You should be aware of this extreme case: let's imagine you set the thumbSize to 100, the thumbPadding to 80 and numberOfColumn to 5 on a screen that is only 320 pixels of width. You would overflow the screen. The library will then try to reduce as much as possible the padding to fit the thumbnail gallery inside the screen. If it is still to large, it will try to scale the thumbnails themselves. Normally, the gallery will always be inside the screen boundaries.


var pictureGallery = PictureGallery.createWindow({
  images: images,
  title: 'Holiday pictures',
  thumbGallery: {
    numberOfColumnPortrait: 4,
    numberOfColumnLandscape: 5,
    thumbSize: 120,
    thumbBorderColor: '#555',
    thumbBorderWidth: 1,
    thumbBackgroundColor: '#FFF',
    backgroundColor: '#DDD'

The scrollable gallery

Each time you click on a thumbnail, you will open the scrollable gallery. The scrollable gallery works much like a native gallery, both on Android and iOS. You can scroll left to see the next picture and scroll right to see the last one. Alternatively, you can use arrows (if displayed) to slide from a picture to another.

A single tap will hide the user interface, to only let the picture visible.

You can custom as well the scrollable gallery by passing a dictionary to the scrollableGallery property. This dictionary supports the following properties:

  • labelColor String color of the caption;

  • labelFont Dictionary font used by the caption (similar to the font objects Titanium uses);

  • barColor String (iPhone only) color of the navigation bar;

  • displayArrows Boolean wether or not display left and right arrow for navigation (false by default);

  • displayCaption Boolean wether or not display the caption;

  • i18nOfKey String the key for translating the word 'of' into any language, like 'X of N', using Titanium built-in i18n mechanism.


var pictureGallery = PictureGallery.createWindow({
  images: images,
  title: 'Holiday pictures',

  scrollableGallery: {
    labelColor: 4,
    labelFont: {fontSize : 18, fontWeight : 'bold'},
    barColor: '#000',
    displayArrows: true,
    displayCaption: true

One more little thing in practice

On iPhone, the library will create its own NavigationGroup, to display a navigation bar on the top. If you want to integrate the component with your own NavigationGroup or TabGroup, you can specify either the current tab or the navigation group to the windowGroup property.

On Android, the back button should work just fine. Be sure, however, to open the PictureGallery window as a heavyweight one.

var pictureGallery = PictureGallery.createWindow({
  images: images,
  title: 'Holiday pictures',
  windowGroup: navigationGroup

if (Ti.platform.osname == 'android') {{navBarHidden: true})
} else if (Ti.platform.osname == 'iphone'){


Pure Javascript Picture Gallery was made by Frédéric Maquin from Novelys ( A small and agile software development team.

Feel free to contact us through our website (

Arrow icons are modified icons from the Tango Icon Library.


Licensed under the terms of the Apache Public License.

Please see the LICENSE included with this distribution for details.


Pure javascript picture gallery for Appcelerator Titanium







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