Simple starting point for a middleman blog with the twitter-bootstrap framework
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Middleman Twitter Bootstrap

What is it?

Middleman Twitter Bootstrap is my clean project starting point for the Middleman static site generator.

It sets up middleman for blogging and pulls in the twitter-bootstrap framework. It also sets up code highlighting using highlight.js.

And that's all it does.

This project draws heavily from Ayumi Fujii's middleman-bootstrap, delivering a simpler setup that is based on haml instead of slim and without using Font Awesome. Also see Nathan Henderson's middleman-bootstrap for a starting point that uses other grid systems and HTML5 Boilerplate.


Quick setup: Assuming you have Ruby setup, download this project, then bundle install and then bundle exec middleman. Now visit http://localhost:4567

Check Middleman's documentation for details.


  • Twitter Bootstrap: Apache License v2.0
  • Middleman: Copyright (c) 2010 Thomas Reynolds. MIT Licensed
  • jQuery: MIT/GPL license
  • highlight.js: Copyright (c) 2006, Ivan Sagalaev

Similarly, refer to each component for its license.

Everything else: