A Top Down Operator Precedence parser for mathematical expressions
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tdop_math is a top down operator precedence parser for mathematical expressions. It uses Glen Vandenburg's generic top down operator precedence parser, Smithereen.


This gem depends on another gem that is still in development. Consequently, it is not available as a built gem.

As far as I know, if you want to install this, you are going to need to pull down this repo and include '<path-to-tdop_math.rb>' manually.

Once you have, you use it as follows:

u = "sin(cos(2x))"  ## or some user input algebraic expression
t = TDOPMath::Parser.new(u)
f = t.parse   ## f == "Math.sin(Math.cos(2 * x))"

tdop_math reserves symbols x,y and t as variables. It also provides a basic list of functions, namely, sin, cos, tan, sqrt and exp. If you need to provide an alternate list of variables and functions, you can do so as follows:

u = "baz(foo(2a))"  ## or some user input algrebraic expression
t = TDOPMath::Parser.new(u,
                         :vars => ['a'],
                         :functions => {
                            'foo' => 'Foo::foo',
                            'baz' => 'Baz::baz'
f = t.parse   ## f == "Baz::baz(Foo::foo(2 * a))"

You can use tdop_math wherever you need a user to input an algebraic expression, comprising of a known set of functions and variables. This could find use in apps in maths education or science/data analytics. I hope the community finds it useful - my motivation was mainly to build it as an exercise, along my path to becoming a better programmer.


Copyright (c) 2011 Navin Keswani navin@novemberkilo.com

Copyright smithereen - Glenn Vanderburg. See LICENSE for details.