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Egolt Archive

Search in any content in any time!

Egolt Archive is a pack of Joomla! extensions which provides the ability to present the Joomla! contents and any other sources in different intervals of time that you need to archive and search. This ability is not embedded in the Joomla! core ,however it is very practical and necessary.

Everything can be listed, Everything can be searched!

The power of different sources(extensions) integration in Egolt Archive enables you to list and search everthing you want. Here are list of native extension's integration (besides you can extend your needed extension integration, if you are a programmer):

  • Joomla! Content
  • K2
  • jDownloads
  • Phoca Download
  • VirtueMart
  • EasyDiscuss

In addition, this is not a simple search and the users can use different parameters in their search: selection date, ordeing, category, authors, included text and ...

Also, the results have various elements too: title, manipulated text & image, published date, category, author, hits and even comment count(Jcomments integration).

Feel the power of calendar and date!

Here is the list of calendars which we natively support them (most used calendars in the world):

  • Gregorian (International)
  • Islamic Hijri (Arabic)
  • Solar Hijri (Persian)
  • Russian
  • Turkish

Also the "Calendar Module" with beautiful interface and ajax technology could help you to show the contents as event! (with number of articles per each day)

In addition, by "Search Module" you could put the search ability where ever you want and transfer the users to your listing easily.

One the other features in "Egolt Archive" listings is that you could set the date periodic! Some of the users just want to know how new the news or the content is. By this option for example, the users see the "2 weeks ago" instead of "10 July 2013".

In addition, by "Search Module" you could put the search ability where ever you want and transfer the users to your listing easily.

Also by "Date Module" you could list all the years and months with number of contents on them and consequently refering them to the proper listing.

Control and change all the elements just by your mouse clicks

All the elements you see in the components and modules are under your control. We made all the parameters and elements changable by website administrator.

How you want to display the contents?

Text & Image, Title, Photo Gallery of Feed

You could display the listings in 4 different display type:

  • Text & Image By this view, you can list your contents by their image, text and all other deatails.
  • Title Only By this view, you can list your contents by their title and some deatails. No image and text exist in this view.
  • Photo Gallery By this view, you can change the contents to a simple photo gallery!
  • Feed By this view, you can change the contents to an RSS feed!

It fits by your device and color!

This extension fixed with your template width and apadpt with your device width! Displaying in phone is different from tablet and desktop. We determined all the conditions and made really flexible user interface.

On the other hand, Egolt Archive have 5 different color themes, so it could be adapt by your template color! These theme colors are:

  • Default
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Light Green

The authors are important, Don't forget them!

You can use the "Authors Module" to show the authors list with date categorization. All the authors link to the component, so the visitors could see the authors list!

In addition, all listings have the option to be filtered by authors (by user clicks), it is not important what is the source(Joomla! content, K2 or other extensions!).

Fully RTL(Right to Left) Support

All the component and modules are fully supported Right To Left languages(RTL). This is because many of the users have the RTL languages(like persian, arabic, hebrew and ...).

Other features?

  • Annual selection
  • Monthly selection
  • Duration selection
  • Between Dates selection
  • Multi-category selection
  • Including Sub-cateogries
  • 4 different aplicable modules
  • Categories Search
  • Authors Search
  • Change Ordering
  • Include Text Search
  • Not Include Text Search
  • Content Status
  • Various Themes
  • Responsive Layouts
  • Advanced SEO

Egolt Archive is specially recommended for ...

  • People who use other calendars (like Solar Hijri, Islamic Calendar, ...)
  • People who need a calendar based on the events on their websites
  • People who need powerful searching and listing feature on their websites
  • People who use other Joomla! extensions as contents and need to search and list on them (in addition with RSS feed)
  • People who want to show a listing with period date(for example: 2 years ago)
  • People who have magazine or news websites
  • People who want to show the content in various displaying type(like feed, photo gallery, ...)
  • AND Who Love the Quality on their website's search and listing section !!!


You can install this project by downloading the zip file of repository and then using the Joomla! extension manager available in the Joomla! Administrator Control Panel.

No Support

I make this project available free of charge to everyone in hope that it will be useful. However, I will not accept any feature requests, feature patches or support requests. Emails, GitHub Issues and Pull Requests containing any of these will be deleted / closed without reply. Thank you for your understanding.

Open Source License

Egolt Archive is an Open Source web-based project. It is in compliance with the GNU/GPL license: GNU General Public License, version 2