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Egolt Project

Publish your project now!

This is a Joomla! extension which enables you to manage your software projects and publish them easily.

There is a long time that necessity of centralized system for manage and publish projects was felt in software developers society. Because of that, Egolt Project Publisher designed and Implemented and this necessity to be answered.

You can easily publish, manage and introduce your projects with Egolt Project Publisher. Extensive management facilities of this product, will help you in managing of the projects.

Some of the features are:

  • Manage your projects
  • Create your download files
  • Publish project languages
  • User review submission
  • Add licenses for projects
  • Define compatibility of projects
  • Special multilingual architecture

In the system that we've provided for you, you can easily present your project in different languages. This ability has been created by Egolt product's strong and special multilingual architecture, so you can expand the usage of your products for all countries and languages. Also you can release language packs of your projects with translator's name or translator's team mention.

Custom-built uploader of Egolt Project Publisher, gives you this option that you upload and select your files and images in administrator panel of the product and native Joomla uploader doesn't have this option. Also you can easily change each section's file directory with the component configuration.

In Egolt Project Publisher we focus on SEF(Search Engine Friendly URLs) SEO(Search engine optimization) subjects to improve your product pages in search engines. In download pages of products, user review submission is embedded. Also you can define product licenses and select a license for each product.

In Egolt Project Publisher you can define different version of softwares that are compatible with your products.(For example Joomla 1.5, Joomla 2.5 or Wordpress)

This product is fully support local calendars(if it defined in your language files) and also set right to left(RTL) and left to right(LTR) writing direction automatically for Persian and Arabic language users. Other main facilities of this product includes related downloads, project documentations and defining JED link.


You can install this project by downloading the zip file of repository and then using the Joomla! extension manager available in the Joomla! Administrator Control Panel.

No Support

I make this project available free of charge to everyone in hope that it will be useful. However, I will not accept any feature requests, feature patches or support requests. Emails, GitHub Issues and Pull Requests containing any of these will be deleted / closed without reply. Thank you for your understanding.

Open Source License

Egolt Project is an Open Source web-based project. It is in compliance with the GNU/GPL license: GNU General Public License, version 2