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Egolt Tooltip

Make a tooltip wherever you want!

Egolt Tooltip is a Joomla! extension which enables you to easily add you tooltip to any area of Joomla!. Just copy and paste the code in Joomla! editor and type the text you want to apear in tooltip, that's enough!

In addition, you can customize and control the tooltip with lots of parameters which we provided: Animation, Delay, Speed, Timer, Interactive mode, Offset, Position, Trigger, Touch devices and ... .

One of the great features of Egolt Tooltip is the ability to generating snapshot of websites by the tooltip. On the other hand, you can insert HTML code and images in the tooltip content.

By Egolt Tooltip, different styles and themes besides style parameters are available to adapt the tooltip to your template color schemes. Thus, you can use the tooltip in different figures.

Moreover, you can use the Egolt Tooltip as HTML tooltip too. So where you want to set the tooltip, even in HTML codes, you can, there is no limit!

Main Features

  • Animation
  • Delay
  • Speed
  • Timer
  • Interactive Mode
  • Position
  • Offset
  • Trigger
  • Touch devices
  • HTML Tooltip


  • 5 themes
  • Arrow + color
  • Fixed width
  • Max width


  • Snapshot
  • Image
  • HTML content


You can install this project by downloading the zip file of repository and then using the Joomla! extension manager available in the Joomla! Administrator Control Panel.

No Support

I make this project available free of charge to everyone in hope that it will be useful. However, I will not accept any feature requests, feature patches or support requests. Emails, GitHub Issues and Pull Requests containing any of these will be deleted / closed without reply. Thank you for your understanding.

Open Source License

Egolt Tooltip is an Open Source web-based project. It is in compliance with the GNU/GPL license: GNU General Public License, version 2