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Create Once Publish Everywhere with Novius OS, a Cross-Channel Open Source CMS.
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Core :

PR # 177 Create folder if not exists when moving folder
PR # 178 Fix the folder creation in the mass upload controller
PR # 179 Use query's connection instance to quote identifiers
PR # 180  Add an admin.start event
PR # 182 Set correct sort for duplicated pages
PR # 183 Trigger change on media delete
PR # 184 Populate array-type fields
PR # 185 Clear attachment cache

News :
PR # 3 Use correct menu item
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Novius OS is an Open Source PHP Content Management System designed as an applications platform, hence the ‘OS’ suffix. You tailor Novius OS to your content through the creation of custom applications. Your well-structured content is to ready to be published to any channel—present and future.

Novius OS is built with the MVC framework, FuelPHP. “FuelPHP is a simple, flexible, community driven PHP 5.3+ framework, based on the best ideas of other frameworks, with a fresh start!” Novius OS HTML5 interface is powered by jQuery UI and the Wijmo library.

  • Current version: Novius OS 5.0.1 (Elche)


  • Novius OS requires PHP 5.3+, a SQL database and an HTTP server.
  • Fully tested on LAMP (Ubuntu) and WAMP (Apache’s mod_rewrite enabled).
  • Community tested on Nginx and Raspberry Pi.
  • Can theoretically run on Mac and/or PostgreSQL.


(This is the quick install procedure. Command line access to the server with sudo admin rights and Git are required. Alternative methods are available.)

Open a terminal and run:

cd /var/www
sudo wget && sh

Once the installation completes:

  • Open your browser at http://your.domain/novius-os/ (replace novius-os with the directory name you’ve chosen).
  • Let the install wizard guide you.

Documentation & support

All you need to know to create applications, extend existing ones or contribute to Novius OS is to be found at

If you don’t find answers to your questions in the docs, you’ll find help in the forum.

La documentation et le forum sont aussi disponibles en français.

Demo & further information

Contacts & contributions


Novius OS is licensed under GNU Affero General Public License v3 or (at your option) any later version.

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