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Assets 2

Third intermediate version of Dubrovka.

New features and improvements

  • Media: In Appdesk, add path to distinguish medias with same name in different folders
  • Appdesk: New event for behaviours to alter the grid query configuration
  • CSRF token with customisation

Blog /News

  • getUrlEnhanced() method return false if category is not in categories of the enhancer


  • Select and radio fields don't have a default value checked anymore
  • Text fields (single and multi-line) can now be pre-populated based on Request parameters

App wizard

  • Update the generated controller class in order to use the setItemDisplayed method


  • Behaviour URLEnhancer. Method url() search good url if current url enhancer not allowed to display the item
  • front.pageFound event is triggered twice on generating cache
  • items method of appdesk controller uses model::query() to retrieve a query instance, and then use before_query mechanism
  • Behaviour publishable. Adding alias published for orderby in before_query method
  • In media permission, isMediaInRestrictedFolder(), check folder exist before access his property
  • on folder delete, children and medias have a folder_id and are not delete in BD
  • In CRUD delete popup confirmation button
  • In last step of install wizard, wrong jquery url
  • in wysiwyg, link to media become externe link
  • wysiwyg link popup, the domain is display twice for media url
  • Class 'FrontCache' not found in front controller when changing the page cache duration
  • event front.pageFound is trigger twice in some cases with suffixHandlers.
  • wysiwyg enhancer preview display lost block container
  • addJavascriptInline also check if inserted code begin with <script>
  • in front cache addSuffixHandler(), use array_unique with SORT_REGULAR
  • The plural translation function n__() always returned the singular form
  • Filter argument for the preview view set to false
  • set local in rebuild cache
  • Notice in relation twinnable manymany save
  • in behaviour virtualpath in case of uniqueness by context
  • Front Controller getContext method don't work after cache
  • Make a specific cache for 404 errors
  • In front controller, move uniqueness checks in add methods for css and js, array_unique with SORT_REGULAR throw Fatal exception in some case

Thank to:

@Foine, @Pierrinho, @shaoshiva, @FredDubois, @jay3