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Refactor AsyncTask #22

luigi-agosti opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Luigi Agosti Friedger Müffke Mecid Ataul Munim Adam Brown
Luigi Agosti

remove the async task bit and have a custom thread pool that manage different pool sizes on different devices or api levels
expose the number of thread as a setting

Friedger Müffke

TODO: add settings


Now we have one thread for image loading?

Friedger Müffke

One thread/asynctask per image, the threads are taken from the threadpool of AsyncTask. This issue is about managing a thread pool independently of AsyncTask

Ataul Munim

@charroch had some comments about the use of AsyncTask last month but I forgot them...

@friedger if you remember specifically what this issue is about, could you clarify so others could pick it up, otherwise close. Thanks!

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