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Add more javadoc to public methods #59

mpost opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Moritz Post Jamie McDonald Ataul Munim
Moritz Post

Since the ImageLoader is a public library it would be very helpful to have javadocs attached to the main methods. At the moment you are forced to basically read the entire code to understand what is going on.

The code quality is ok so at least that is possible.

Jamie McDonald


Ataul Munim

This is the kind of issue that can remain open forever (or a year!). For those reading this:

  • the code (inc. tests) you write should be documentation enough; don't use a comment where a variable or method name would suffice.
  • for public entry points to the library, do add docs; it's helpful to know some details without having to look at the internals. If your code implements a method from an interface, be sure to fulfil the contract of that interface method.
  • if you feel that a particular interface requires docs, or the docs it has is too ambiguous, please open a new issue with a specific example.

@mpost I think the situation has improved in the last year, but if you have any particular examples where docs would be helpful, please reopen.

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