Library for async image loading and caching on Android
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Novoda image-loader is now deprecated and unmaintained.

We will soon post here our recommendation for image loading in Android.


image-loader is a simple library that makes it easy to download, display and cache remote images in Android apps. Image download happens off the UI thread and the images are cached with a two-level in-memory/SD card cache.

Adding to your project

To start using this library, add these lines to the build.gradle of your project:

repositories {
    maven {
        credentials {
            username 'BINTRAY_USERNAME'
            password 'BINTRAY_KEY'
        url ''

depedencies {
  compile 'com.novoda:image-loader:2.0-BETA'

Simple usage

Create the ImageManager. This can be built with a variety of parameters, check out the example project for more details

LoaderSettings settings = new SettingsBuilder().build(context);
ImageManager imageManager = new ImageManager(context, settings);

Create a tag to wrap the url of a image and set it on the ImageView which will hold the image

ImageTagFactory tagFactory = ImageTagFactory.newInstance();
ImageTag tag ="", context);

Use the ImageManager to get an instance of the ImageLoader and provide an ImageView with a tag set



Here are a list of useful links:

  • We always welcome people to contribute new features or bug fixes, here is how
  • If you have a problem check the Issues Page first to see if we are working on it
  • For further usage or to delve more deeply checkout the Project Wiki
  • Looking for community help, browse the already asked Stack Overflow Questions or use the tag: support-image-loader when posting a new question