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Loader that uses ExecutorService and Threading Pools #90

kingargyle opened this Issue · 3 comments

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It would be nice to be able to specify and submit the loaders onto an ExecutorService with thread pools. With AsyncTask going to sequential access (i.e. single threading) it can take a long time for lots of images to download or display.

With ExecutorService you can specify the max number of threads that can run parallel together. For layouts that have a number of images to fetch this could help reduce the amount of time required. I looked but didn't see an abstract class for the Loader implementation, but if I can get some hints I'm willing to write something and submit a pull request for this feature.


@kingargyle hi David. If this is still applicable for you, I'd appreciate if you could help me understand your request better. I'm afk at the moment but I don't recall seeing a Loader class in our codebase - are you referring to a specific object/interface?


I've actually switched to using the Android-Universal-ImageLoader library which provides this functionality. I can specify how many background threads to use when downloading the images in the background. Basically that is what I was looking for.

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