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ARCore Make Session object nullable Apr 19, 2018
ARCoreAdvanced Rename ViewHolder May 10, 2018
ActivityTalkbackInvestigation Add guard to prevent drawer being opened if app started externally Sep 12, 2015
AlexaSpaceQuiz Add en-GB store listing Jan 9, 2018
AndroidKotlinALL4MPV change app name Sep 23, 2018
AndroidP Use Kotlin Android extension functions to find views Mar 19, 2018
Architecture Empty screen is dependant on filter type May 6, 2016
ChromeCastExample updating to Google Cast companion library 1.1.0 Jun 24, 2014
DefaultSMSApp Example of how to set your app as default SMS app in Android 4.4 Dec 6, 2013
EspressoEmptyViewListViewProject Adds readme files for some spikes that didn't have it: Jun 30, 2014
Fastlane Secrets Removes unused stuff Jun 19, 2018
FastlaneExample remove user data Mar 20, 2018
GitHubTest Feature/test Squash behaviour (#188) Nov 8, 2016
HelloTorchIOS Extract functions May 10, 2018
InAppPurchaseV3SpikeProject Update README.md Jun 24, 2014
InkyPhat updates Inky to v07 Mar 15, 2018
LeanPlumLeakSpike Create README.md Jun 20, 2014
LeanplumCallbacks Comments Oct 16, 2014
MagicMirror fixed table markdown Mar 23, 2017
MakeFestSimonSays ignore generated files Mar 17, 2018
MonkeyTrap Update the apk to the latest Jan 17, 2017
PaletteSpike Palette like Spike Aug 11, 2014
PaypalMPL Create README.md Jun 30, 2014
ProguardExamples Create README.md Mar 15, 2017
ReactNative/ReactTwitter add license Jul 6, 2016
StaggeredWithAccessibility Update MainActivity.java Jun 24, 2014
StaggeredWithStickyHeader Adds readme files for some spikes that didn't have it: Jun 30, 2014
StickyGridHeadersTest Adds readme files for some spikes that didn't have it: Jun 30, 2014
StrictModeBugSpike Update README.md Feb 26, 2014
SwipeableView Update README.md Jul 5, 2014
TechDebtsTracking Update README.md Dec 2, 2016
TwoPointZeroTest initial commit Apr 14, 2016
VideoPlayerService Update README.md Nov 10, 2014
VoiceIntegrationService remove unused resources Jun 16, 2015
android-beacon Merge branch 'android-beacon' of github.com:novoda/spikes into androi… Jan 5, 2017
android-skeleton Revert readme for android skeleton Jan 6, 2017
androidthings-ws2801-driver Add note to README Jan 16, 2017
automated-release using the correct branch name for the refspec and fixing wrong github… Aug 11, 2017
aws-cognito add necessary DynamoDB policy information to the server readme Feb 24, 2017
code-review-tools Add limitation about reusability Mar 23, 2017
compare-reports add com.novoda.compare-reports as plugin id Jun 24, 2015
dungeon-crawler Add Fritzing schematics Jul 25, 2018
electron-contrib adding readme to explain usage and what it does Jun 17, 2016
enews ignore generated files Mar 17, 2018
game-of-life-multiplatform Remove ignored files Jan 9, 2019
game-of-life-native remove game of life file Mar 20, 2018
generator-google-docs-addon Remove defaults Sep 1, 2016
gertherb moving gerthurb from a repo to spikes Nov 10, 2014
gradle-diff-task-dependencies Remove InjectMocks and init manually Jan 6, 2017
gradle-nonnull-plugin Rename field to avoid abbreviation Jun 30, 2017
gradle-plugin-release-plugin Added a comment to explain regexp Mar 16, 2018
hello-electron 📝 Update README Apr 26, 2018
keyboarddemo Add theme for activity Jan 23, 2018
links removing unneeded function call May 1, 2018
mergeable removing previous code Jul 5, 2017
monkey-runner Upgrade command plugin to version 2.0 Jan 30, 2018
multiplatform-http Initial iOS setup Jan 9, 2019
multiplatform-movies Remove ignore file Jan 11, 2019
non-touch-navigation Add non-touch-navigation spike Aug 3, 2015
piano-hero make bare nessecities 2nd Jun 23, 2017
priority-share Adds the build badge and adds the gradle config to the README Dec 4, 2014
seat-monitor use specific version Mar 15, 2018
simon-says-android-things [simon-says] Add changes done by @eduardb to game: Jul 12, 2017
sliceanddice Update a bunch of dependencies Jul 27, 2018
talkback-toggle Add link in talkback-toggle project to espresso-support Mar 12, 2017
test_automation_framework First commit of the Sandbox app Sep 19, 2017
testsapplication Merge branch 'master' of github.com:novoda/Spikes Jul 10, 2014
typewriter Adds the latest changes we made to the README file Nov 26, 2014
viewtils Add non-touch-navigation spike Aug 3, 2015
voiceshutters split into 3 modules Apr 25, 2018
LICENSE Add root Apache 2.0 LICENSE file Mar 22, 2018
README.md Improve README Mar 22, 2018




This is where we explore new ideas, hack around bug fixes and spark new code babies.

Each top-level folder in this repository represents a spike that the Novoda team has worked on at some point in time. Explore the folder contents to find out more about these spikes.

Graduating out of spikes

When something matures and becomes big enough to deserve its own repository, Novodians can split out the history of that project's folder into a new repository. If something isn't big enough to deserve its own repo it should be moved to android-demos or ios-demos.


All the contents of this repository are (c) Copyright Novoda. Sub-folders that don't specify a license explicitly are implied to offer their contents under the Apache 2.0 licence:

    (c) Copyright Novoda

    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
    you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
    You may obtain a copy of the License at


    Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
    distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
    WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied.
    See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
    limitations under the License.