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## Time-stamp: <2013-04-09 12:26:40 vk> ## This file is best viewed with GNU Emacs Org-mode:


Current status

Done, if you find any errors do not hesitate to contact us.

Data Source

Files with an filename that consists of an ISO 8601 time stamp like «2011-02-14T14.35.42_img_0815.jpg» or «2011-02-14 slide GTD tools.jpg» contains a direct reference to a certain day (or time).

Example Invocation

/home/user/Memacs/bin/ -f "/home/user/Documents" -o "/home/user/orgmode/memacs/filenametimestamps.org_archive"

Example Orgmode entries

* Memacs for file name time stamp                      :Memacs:filedatestamps:
** <2010-03-12 Fri> [[/home/armin/Documents/scan/Graz/Strom%20-%20Gas/2010-03-12.pdf][2010-03-12.pdf]]
   :ID:         5b6e980e83fe22e1d149b837b1bcb2560aadace3
** <2010-03-12 Fri> [[/home/armin/misc/2010-03-10T09.55 Foobar.pdf][2010-03-10T09.55 Foobar.pdf]]
   :ID:         3456e980e83fe22e1d149b837b1bcb2560aadbcc


This module is probably the most valuable Memacs module of all. You can refer to any (time-stamped) file within your Org-mode. You don’t have to care, which folder you put the file in!

It’s handy to add a custom link like this to your Org-mode configuration:

(setq org-link-abbrev-alist
	("tsfile" . "~/path/to/memacs/files.org_archive::/\*.*%s/")

For quickly entering a link, you may like following yasnippet:

# name : expand link to filename with datestamp
# --
[[tsfile:$1][${2:$$(unless yas-modified-p
 (let ((field (nth 0 (yas--snippet-fields (first (yas--snippets-at-point))))))
   (concat (buffer-substring (yas--field-start field) (yas--field-end field)))))}]] $0
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