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## Time-stamp: <2011-12-30 14:33:51 armin> ## This file is best viewed with GNU Emacs Org-mode:


Current status

Done, if you find any errors do not hesitate to contact us.

Data Source

IMAP is a popular protocol for retrieving e-mail. Many email servers support this protocol.

Example Config File

  • sample config path and filename
  • Content:
host =
port = 993
user =
password = bar

Example Invocation

Be sure that you have made a config file. (see above)

  • You have to select a folder, so we first list your possible folders:
$ /path/to/Memacs/emails/ -c "~/.config.d/memacs/gmail.ini" -l
$ /path/to/Memacs/emails/ -c "~/.config.d/memacs/gmail.ini" --list

You will see possible folders. Now we can set one Folder:

$ /path/to/Memacs/emails/ -c "~/.config.d/memacs/gmail.ini" -f "INBOX"
$ /path/to/Memacs/emails/ -c "~/.config.d/memacs/gmail.ini" --folder-name "INBOX"

Add param -o like in other memacs modules to specify output file.


The performance of an orgfile with too many entries is very bad. There is an argument to fetch only the last x messages:

--fetch-number <int>


--fetch-number 1000

fetches the last 1000 mails

Example Orgmode entries

We will probably visualize an e-mail from Maildir like this:

** <2011-12-28 Wed 13:02> [[][Bob Bar]]: argparse
   :TO:         Alice Ally <>
   :ID:         0b4f3ca74dcad0e3ba62c38e07f6d9068e2ba4d1