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## Time-stamp: <2012-05-22 09:06:42 armin> ## This file is best viewed with GNU Emacs Org-mode:


Current status

Done, if you find any errors do not hesitate to contact us.

Data Source

Version control systems are quite commonly used to manage all kind of data. Subversion (SVN) is a modern system that is widely used for revision control.

This memacs module parses output of:

svn log --xml

Example Invocation

with pipe from stream

cd /path/to/svn-repo/
svn log --xml | /path/to/Memacs/ -f /path/to/svn-xml-file.xml -o /home/user/orgmode/memacs/svn-foo.org_archive

or in one line:

cd /path/to/svn-repo/ && svn log --xml | /path/to/Memacs/ -f /path/to/svn-xml-file.xml -o /home/user/orgmode/memacs/svn-foo.org_archive

from file

cd /path/to/svn-repo/
svn log --xml > /tmp/svn-log.xml
/path/to/Memacs/ -f /tmp/svn-log.xml -o /home/user/orgmode/memacs/svn-foo.org_archive

or in one line:

cd /path/to/svn-repo/ &&  svn log --xml > /tmp/svn-log.xml &&  /path/to/Memacs/ -f /tmp/svn-log.xml -o /home/user/orgmode/memacs/svn-foo.org_archive

Example Orgmode entries

Whenever user “Bob” commits a change set (resulting in revision 42) to an example project, memacs_svn can provide an entry like this:

** Bob (r42): solved the address field bug       :svn:Memacs:
  :CREATED: <2011-07-23 Sat 16:00>