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Modify pending MediathekView download URLs from https to http
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It is mid-2018. The battle between ORF and MediathekView reached another dramatic climax. The unholy Austrian broadcasting basterds locked out the world from their glory. What a disgrace. So sad.

The overall desperate MediathekView users faced a satanic message with a slightly smell of sulfur in the air: No subject alternative DNS name matching found.

Desperation all around.

As a workaround, hackers from god found workarounds. One had to either modify the spell of forthcoming (the URL) from to Or the intonation of the spell could be changed from https:// to a less sacred http:// one.

Sorcerer’s apprentices using the UI can do this by deselecting the demand for “Download sofort starten”, switch to the Downloads tab, call the context menu, select “Download ändern”, and modify the URL with their bare hands.

With a big lot of chunks to be demanded, this is a very tedious work, not worth the time of humans with a minimum level of dignity.

Behold, here comes salvation: use my magic spell which goes like this:

  1. Materialize the spell using git clone or use pip3 install mediathekview_change_downloads_to_http for a maximum of laziness.
  2. In MediathekView, invoke all desired downloads and de-select the “Download sofort starten” switch.
  3. Close MediathekView.
  4. Start the stem from a snake called Python3 you’ve installed above:
  5. Restart Mediathekview and look out for “Downloads” > “Alle Downloads starten”.
  6. All your desired forthcomings are coming forth to reach highest satisfaction.
  7. World peace.

This spell was developed on the holy grounds of GNU/Linux. Less fortunate ground may need some modification you might consider sending to me.

Sameless Plug

Do not wander away so fast, dear visitor:

You might like to check out this handsome spell named which renames worrysome names like

20180615T220000 ORF - ZIB 2 - Meldungsblock -ORIGINAL- 2018-06-15_2200_tl_02_ZIB-2_Meldungsblock__13979983__o__494913505b__s14317666_6__WEB03HD_22215600P_22233922P_Q4A.mp4

to beautiful prosa like

2018-06-15T22.21.56 ORF - ZIB 2 - Meldungsblock -- lowquality.mp4

which preserves the time-based order and also checks downloaded files for plausibility of completeness.

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