Using new Emacs Org-mode LaTeX exporter to generate LaTeX/PDF files that meet the requirements of ACM (unmaintained!)
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Migrating ACM LaTeX template to Org-mode


Whenever someone wants to hand in a white paper for a conference which requires using ACM LaTeX template, I want to use an Org-mode file instead. With the Org-mode LaTeX exporter (the current one and/or the new one) is should be possible to generate compatible TeX and PDF output.

Template Source

Additional requirements

The template should be as much self-containing as possible. So no special settings required in $HOME/.emacs

The file contains everything needed to produce the ACM paper from an Org-mode file. It tangles initialization files for the new exporter and the old exporter. It writes a Makefile that:

  • launches a fresh instance of Emacs,
  • loads the selected initialization file,
  • then processes the Org-mode file that generated it.

The file contains the ACM-SIG LaTeX sample in Org-mode. The LaTeX output from Org-mode comes close to reproducing the original, but with a few deviations. The new exporter looks like it will be capable of generating a LaTeX file that doesn’t need to be tweaked.


  • is the template you’ll use to start a new paper
  • is this file
  • acm_proc_article-sp.cls is the ACM-SIG LaTeX class file
  • flies.eps is a graphic used by and sigproc-sp.tex
  • fly.eps is a graphic used by and sigproc-sp.tex
  • is the ACM-SIG example file translated into Org-mode
  • sigproc-sp.tex is the ACM-SIG example file
  • sigproc.bib is the bibliography file used by and sigproc-sp.tex


  • Karl 2012-04-25: new Org-mode export does nothing but writing “org-splice-latex-header: Wrong type argument: stringp, nil”
    • Tom 2012-05-06: this is fixed now
  • Tom 2012-05-06: old exporter requires a headline before the first source code block.
  • Tom 2012-05-06: new exporter has a known bug that inserts source code header information after the source code block disappears, as it does with :exports results
  • Tom 2012-05-06: the list of additional authors doesn’t separate the last author in the list with “and”
  • Tom 2012-05-06: the ACM latex class command \titlenote{} doesn’t appear to work