Converts the Twitter export files (JSON format) into an Emacs Org-mode file
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## Time-stamp: <2017-06-25 10:52:10 vk> ## -*- coding: utf-8 -*- ## This file is best viewed with GNU Emacs Org-mode:

This python script converts the Twitter export files (JSON format) into an Org-mode file.

Note: If you are using Memacs to get stuff from various sources into your Org-mode you might try its Twitter module instead of this method here. However, it requires you to give Twitter your phone number. Therefore, I do prefer the method described here.

Short URLs are replaced with their expanded URLs, many things are turned into meaningful links where possible.

  1. Download your Twitter export files
  2. Unpack the ZIP file
  3. Convert the data using this script (see below)

Example usage: -o ~/Twitter_export_USER.json/*.js --add-to-time-stamps="+1"

… converts the Twitter export files and adds one hour to time stamps

For all command line options, please call: --help

If you don’t get emails with the download archive after requesting it, you might be interested to read about how to fix that.


I am looking for your ideas!

If you want to contribute to this cool project, please fork and contribute!

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