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Open-Source Notification Platform. Embeddable Notification Center, E-mail, Push and Slack Integrations.


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The open-source notification infrastructure for developers

The ultimate service for managing multi-channel notifications with a single API.

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⭐️ Why Novu?

Novu provides a unified API that makes it simple to send notifications through multiple channels, including In-App, Push, Email, SMS, and Chat. With Novu, you can create custom workflows and define conditions for each channel, ensuring that your notifications are delivered in the most effective way possible.

✨ Features

  • 🌈 Single API for all messaging providers (In-App, Email, SMS, Push, Chat)
  • 💅 Fully managed GitOps Flow, deployed from your CI
  • 🔥 Define workflow and step validations with Zod or JSON Schema
  • 💌 React Email/Maizzle/MJML integrations
  • 🚀 Equipped with a CMS for advanced layouts and design management
  • 🛡 Debug and analyze multi-channel messages in a single dashboard
  • 📦 Embeddable notification center with real-time updates
  • 👨‍💻 Community-driven

🚀 Getting Started

To get started, type the following command in your Terminal.

npx novu-labs@latest echo

📚 Table Of Contents

Notification Workflows as Code

For API documentation and reference, please visit Echo API Reference.

client.workflow('comment-on-post', async ({step, subscriber}) => {
  const inAppResponse = await step.inApp('in-app-step', async (inputs) => {
    return {
      body: renderReactComponent(inputs)
  }, {
    inputSchema: {
      // ...JSON Schema or ZOD/Ajv/Class Validators definition

  // Novu Worker Engine will manage the state and durability of each step in isolation
  const { events } = await step.digest('1 day');

  await'email-step', async () => {
    return {
      subject: 'E-mail Subject',
      body: renderReactEmail(<ReactEmailComponent events={digestedEvents} />);
  }, {
    // Step-level inputs defined in code and controlled in the novu Cloud UI by a Non-Technical Team member
    inputSchema: {
      // ...JSON Schema
    providers: {
      sendgrid: async (inputs) => {
        // Echo runs as part of your application, so you have access to your database or resources

        return {
          to: email,
          ipPoolName: 'custom-pool'
    skip: () => {
      // Write custom skip logic
      return inAppResponse.seen || subscriber.isOnline;
// Define your workflow trigger payload using json schema and custom validation;
}, {
  payloadSchema: {
    // ...JSON Schema

Embeddable Notification Center

Using the Novu API and admin panel, you can easily add a real-time notification center to your web app without building it yourself. You can use our React / Vue / Angular components or an iframe embed, as well as a Web component.


Read more about how to add a notification center to your app with the Novu API here

React Component · Vue Component · Angular Component


Novu provides a single API to manage providers across multiple channels with a simple-to-use interface.

💌 Email


📱 Push

👇 Chat

📱 In-App

Other (Coming Soon...)

  • PagerDuty

📋 Read Our Code Of Conduct

Before you begin coding and collaborating, please read our Code of Conduct thoroughly to understand the standards (that you are required to adhere to) for community engagement. As part of our open-source community, we hold ourselves and other contributors to a high standard of communication. As a participant and contributor to this project, you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.

💻 Need Help?

We are more than happy to help you. If you are getting any errors or facing problems while working on this project, join our Discord server and ask for help. We are open to discussing anything related to the project.

🔗 Links

🛡️ License

Novu is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details.

💪 Thanks To All Contributors

Thanks a lot for spending your time helping Novu grow. Keep rocking 🥂