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Second preview release. Focusing on low-hanging performance improvements and basic feature completeness. This state of code is an important milestone in proving current approach as superior to that of casbah-mapper, in terms of performance and overall safety.

In addition to code work, the project's wiki on GitHub is now populated with basic docs on getting started, overall design considerations, and components of Salat.

Notable changes include:

  • Re-wrote transformer chain creation code. Made better use of memoized type information, dramatically improved object inflation performance.

  • Added @Ignore and @Key annotations. @Ignore, when stuck on a field, excludes it from Salat's consideration. The field won't be included in generated DBObject-s. When encountered in DBObject-s during object inflation, the data will be dropped on the floor. In any case, whether the key is present or not in a DBObject, a default value is required. Best uesd with Option[_] fields, where default value can be None. @Key takes one argument, a string, and will use that value as the field's key in each generated DBObject. Data extraction from DBObject-s will also happen using this key.

  • Forklifted almost verbatim casbah-mapper's timing spec, with the goal of comparing performance characteristics. Preliminary results show that Salat's deflation code is 2x as fast than casbah-mapper's corresponding functionality. Inflation is 15x faster than casbah-mapper.

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