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Features new in Salat 0.0.7 include:

  • reorganization of Salat project into modules
    • base dependency is now salat-core 0.0.7
  • SalatDAO provides simple, extensible turnkey DAO pattern
    • insert, save and remove methods accept case classes
    • find returns an Iterable Mongo cursor typed to your case class - skip, limit, sort and get your objects no fuss no muss
    • query and get back a list of typed ids
    • projections return an Iterable Mongo cursor typed to a case class or a primitive
    • child collection support - find, update, remove, find ids and get back typed projections on children using a typed parent id or typed list of parent ids
  • new, more detailed documentation on our wiki
  • better error handling, including detailed explanations when graters and constructors misfire
  • More flexible @Key behavior to override field name when serializing objects
    • register global overrides at the context level
    • use @Key in a trait or an abstract superclass
  • Create a custom context to get more flexible type hinting
    • chose a type hinting strategy: always (default), only when necessary, or never (not recommended)
    • customize the type hint at the context level - replace "_typeHint" with whatever you like
  • Use @Persist to persist case class fields that are not declared in the constructor
    • works with var, val and lazy val defined inside case class
    • also works with fields defined in traits or abstract superclasses
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