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Fixed logical error.

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commit 8ce02ba2e54d3ac963bf77ab0b7499a74f4f9982 1 parent 1ac5819
@rajish rajish authored
2  salat-core/src/main/scala/com/novus/salat/dao/ModelCompanion.scala
@@ -151,7 +151,7 @@ trait ModelCompanion[ObjectType <: AnyRef, ID <: Any] extends BaseDAOMethods[Obj
* @return count of documents matching the search criteria
def count(q: DBObject, fieldsThatMustExist: List[String] = Nil, fieldsThatMustNotExist: List[String] = Nil) =
- dao.count(q, fieldsThatMustExist, fieldsThatMustExist)
+ dao.count(q, fieldsThatMustExist, fieldsThatMustNotExist)
/** @param ref object for which to search
* @param keys fields to return
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