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  • Experimental Code-Generation based on CodeImatic.codegen
  • Support for Delphi 10.3 / C++Builder Rio


  • Fix samples paths to units.


  • New Lazarus CreateTable1 DynamoDB Sample
  • Refactored Core for Lazarus / fpc 1.8 or higher
  • New exception "secret_key or access_key not assigned." in TAmazonClient.execute
  • New exception "IAmazonRESTClient not assigned." in TAmazonClient.execute
  • New exception "region not assigned.' in TAmazonClient.execute
  • DateTimeToISO8601 and DeepCopy removed for Lazarus / fpc in unit
  • Moved Samples Samples\DynamoDB to Samples\DynamoDB\Delphi


  • Tested support for Windows 32/64Bit, MacOSX 32Bit
  • Removed Windows unit from unit Amazon.Utils
  • Added Region to TAmazonClient.Create


  • THashSHA2 supported in unit Amazon.Utils for Delphi XE8 and up.
  • TidBytes reference change to Tbytes in unit Amazon.SignatureV4 for Delphi XE8 and up.
  • Fixed support for Delphi XE to Delphi XE7


  • New RESTClient class TAmazonDelphiRestClient based on Delphi TRESTClient and TRESTHTTP. Note TAmazonSignatureV4 still requires OpenSSL Library
  • Updated TAmazonIndyRestClient with latest IAmazonRESTClient interface
  • New properties UserAgent, AcceptCharset, Accept in IAmazonRESTClient interface


  • Update which includes Delphi 10.2 support


  • Start of the Changelog
  • Renamed Amazon.RESTClient.pas to Amazon.IndyRESTClient.pas and class TAmazonRESTClient to TAmazonIndyRESTClient
  • Fixed TAmazonMarshaller function GetSubRttiAttributekeys RTTI in Delphi XE8 moved from List To FObjectList: TObjectList
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