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Novus Tacos

###Novus Tacos is a restaurant webpage project created by Jenessa White and Bill Gottsch.

####What is it?

This an "Iron Yard" class project to create a ficticious restaurant webpage. It ranges from idea conception, a visual mock-up using Figma and ultimately the physical webpage in HTML/CSS using FlexBox and a little bit of Javascript.

####Before the Code

There's many things we needed to do before even getting to the code writing portion of this, specifically collaborating and matching up our ideas to have a final project we can both be proud of. Before starting, we had to decide on the following items to be used in our project:

  • Restaurant Name/Location(s)
  • Restaurant slogan
  • Restaurant atmosphere and decor
  • Navigation layout for mobile and
  • Mobile or desktop first
  • Font
  • Color palette
  • Layout and design decisions

Just to name a few...

####What does it do?

So, we wanted to make a very colorful, very picture-filled webpage that showed exactly what our restaurant is all about. We went with many different tones of red, blue, yellow, and green to welcome the user to a fun and enjoyable space.

The mobile site will be simple and clean. We wanted clean lines, a very straight-forward column-inspired layout that explained to the user where they were on the page. The information they want will be easily accessible.

The desktop webpage will be similiar to the mobile, but in a larger sense. We want it to be very clean, and straight-forward. Pictures adorning left side of the page with a crisp picture as the backdrop of the header. The navigation will actually navigate you to the important sections of the site. The navigation will also follow you as you ascend and descend the page, allowing for easy navigation anywhere on the site.

Final comment

As was stated above, this is our first collaborating assignment and it comes with many positives as well as difficulties. We've already had issues while working in Figma, but we will get through them and will have a product we will be proud of.