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U extends Ruby’s Unicode support.
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  U extends Ruby’s support for Unicode.  It provides an interface that can be
  used from both Ruby 1.8 and 1.9 and implements its methods completely
  separately from those in Ruby 1.9.

§ Installation

    Install u with

      % gem install u

§ Usage

    For now, take a look at the tests to see some examples of how to load the
    library and use the methods.

    It’s basically the following:

      require 'u'

      a = 'äbc'
      a.u.upcase # ⇒ 'ÄBC'
      a.upcase # ⇒ 'äBC'
      a # ⇒ 'äbc'
      a.u!.upcase # ⇒ 'ÄBC'
      a.upcase # ⇒ 'ÄBC'

§ Future

    Currently, most of my time is spent at my day job and in my (again
    flourishing) private life. Please motivate me to spend time on this library
    by donating some of your money to this project. Yeah, I realize that
    requesting money to develop software is a bit, well, capitalistic of me.
    But please realize that I live in a capitalistic society and I need money
    to have other people give me the things that I need to continue living
    under the rules of said society. So, if you feel that this library has
    helped you out enough to warrant a reward, please PayPal a donation to  Thanks!  Your support won’t go unnoticed!
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