A series of GIT utilities to streamline working with remote branches and reviewing code. git-goggles can be thought of as "git branch -a" on steroids. You can install with "[pip install | easy_install] git-goggles" and then run "git goggles".
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git-goggles Readme

git-goggles is a git management utilities that allows you to manage your source code as it evolves through its development lifecycle.


This project accomplishes two things:

  • Manage the code review state of your branches
  • Gives a snapshot of the where your local branches are vs origin in terms of being ahead / behind on commits

There is a nice blog post describing the features along with screenshots at http://bit.ly/git-goggles

Field Reference

In the table outputted by git-goggles, each row corresponds to a branch, with the following fields:

  • Status: the current status of your branch

    • new: this is a branch that has never been through the review process
    • review: this branch has code that needs to be reviewed
    • merge: everything has been reviewed, but needs to be merged into parent (same as done for being ahead)
    • done: reviewed and merged (doens't matter if you're behind but you can't be ahead)
  • Branch: the branch name

  • Review: how many commits have taken place since the last review

  • Ahead: how many commits are in your local branch that are not in origin

  • Behind: how many commits are in origin that are not in your local branch

  • Pull & Push: whether your branches need to be pushed or pulled to track origin

    • green checkbox: you don't need to pull
    • red cross: you need to pull
    • question mark: you either don't have a checked out copy of this branch or you need to prune your local tree
  • Modified: the last time that HEAD was modified (NOT the last time the review happened)


To install from PyPi you should run one of the following commands. (If you use pip for your package installation, you should take a look!)

pip install git-goggles


easy_install git-goggles

Checkout the project from github http://github.com/nowells/git-goggles

git clone git://github.com/nowells/git-goggles.git

Run setup.py as root

cd git-goggles
sudo python setup.py install

Documentation: With Sphinx docs deployment: in the docs/ directory, type:

make html

Then open docs/_build/index.html


Viewing the status of your branches:

git goggles

Starting your review process (shows an origin diff):

git goggles codereview

Complete your review process (automatically pushes up):

git goggles codereview complete


You can set a few configuration variables to alter to way git-goggles works out of the box.

Disable automatic fetching from all remote servers.

git config --global gitgoggles.fetch false

Disable colorized output

git config --global gitgoggles.colors false

Alter the symbols used to display success, failure, unknown states

git config --global gitgoggles.icons.success "OK"
git config --global gitgoggles.icons.failure "FAIL"
git config --global gitgoggles.icons.unknown "N/A"

Alter the colors of branch states. The available colors are [grey, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan, white]

git config --global gitgoggles.colors.local cyan
git config --global gitgoggles.colors.new red
git config --global gitgoggles.colors.review red
git config --global gitgoggles.colors.merge yellow
git config --global gitgoggles.colors.done green

Alter the width of branch column to turn on wordwrap.

git config --global gitgoggles.table.branch-width 15

Alter the table cell padding (defaults to 0)

git config --global gitgoggles.table.left-padding 1
git config --global gitgoggles.table.right-padding 1

Alter the display of horizontal rule between rows of table (default false)

git config --global gitgoggles.table.horizontal-rule true


git-goggles works by creating and managing special tags called 'codereview-<branch_name>' and tracking them against HEAD.

The first time a codereview is completed, the tag is created. Subsequent reviews delete and re-create the tag so that it awlays accurately tracks HEAD.