A client to facilitate simple RESTful requests
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python-wellrested A Simple RESTful client


The python-wellrested library is a lean client for performing RESTful API calls.

Basic Usage

Basic usage of the python-wellrested library is simple.

To work with a RESTful API you first instantiate the client:

>>> j = JsonRestClient('http://example.com/api/', username='user', pass='password')

Then you can read data using the get method:

>>> j.get('resource.json')

A response object will be returned with data similar to the following

<Response 200: {'content': '[\n    {\n        "content": "demo content", \n        "user": {\n            "username": "demouser", \n            "first_name": "Jane"\n        }\n    }, \n    }\n]', 'headers': {'status': '200', 'content-location': u'http://example.com/api/resource.json', 'vary': 'Authorization', 'server': 'Werkzeug/0.5.1 Python/2.5.1', 'connection': 'close', 'date': 'Thu, 06 Aug 2009 13:48:47 GMT', 'content-type': 'application/json; charset=utf-8'}, 'data': None, 'status_code': 200}>

Obviously the exact structure of the data depends on the API that is being called.

To post data to a RESTful API, the post method is used:

>>> mydata = {'foo':'bar',}
>>> j.post('resource.json', data=mydata)

This will return a response similar to the one above, containing whatever confirmation the remote API delivers upon posting data. This is normally used for creating objects using the remote API.

To put data to a RESTful API, the put method is used:

>>> mydata = {'foo':'bar_edited',}
>>> j.put('resource.json', data=mydata)

And, finally, to delete data using a RESTful API, the delete method is used:

>>> j.delete('resource.json)


Please remember that the workings of each RESTful API will vary, and this client only handles the connection between your application and a RESTful resource. The above examples represent the basic usage concepts of python-wellrested, but are not exhaustive nor are they suitable for direct use as doctests.

Comparisons to Other REST Clients

There are a few different REST clients written in Python that work just fine. It is not the most ambitious type of library to create. At the same time, it is completely possible to make value judgements, and python-wellrested probably lies somewhere in the middle of the quality spectrum.

In creating this client, we first checked out several others that had some obvious usage issues. Some were buggy, others were incomplete. Nowell wrote the base of python-wellrested quickly one night after hacking away with a less good client from somebody else.

The goal, as always, is to keep the client simple to use, adherent to relevant standards, and minimal in coding style.

Shortly after writing the first draft of python-wellrested, Nowell discovered py-restclient http://py-restclient.e-engura.org/, which seems to be a somewhat more mature client and the obvious other choice. There are some subtle api differences between the two clients, but they generally take the same basic approach to handling the RESTful API calls.

Please feel free to use whatever client best suits your needs. And send a pull request on github if you make any improvements to this code.