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Nowell Strite

Web Application Developer

703-740-7552 —

GitHub, Twitter, Website

Key Qualifications

  • Over 15 years experience building Web applications
  • Proven Server-side and Client-side developer specializing in RESTful applications
  • Management skills grown out of a strong development background
  • Solid communication skills and creative problem solving at every stage of development


Bachelor of Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign — 2004 Computer Science, College of Engineering


Server-side: Python, Django, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Clojure, RESTful APIs, SOAP & XML-RPC, NodeJS, Java, PHP, ColdFusion

Client-side: Javascript, Backbone.js, Require.js, D3.js, Handlebars.js, Mocha.js, Chai.js, LESS, SCSS, CSS, HTML

DevOps: Chef, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SOLR, Cassandra, Nginx, Apache, Vagrant, Amazon EC2, Rightscale, EngineYard

Other: Test Driven Development (TDD), Agile/XP, Unit Testing, Continuous Integration, Rapid Prototyping, Database Design, A/B Testing, High Availability, Distributed Processing, Internationalization (i18n), Load Balancing


WiserTogether, Inc.

Principal Engineer

2013 - Present — Python, Django, Javascript, D3.js, Require.js, Backbone.js, Mocha.js, Chai.js, PostgreSQL, Puppet, GIT

  • Led development of interactive visual healthcare decision support tool
  • Created Javascript framework (built on top of Backbone.js) to ensure consistent approach to frontend Javascript applications
  • Established automated frontend testing suite using Mocha/Chai/Karma
  • Spearheaded the development of several open source libraries related to expanding Backbone.js testing capabilities

Key URLs: https://mywiserhealth.comhttp://wisertogether.com

Draker Laboratories

Director of Software Engineering

2011 - 2013 — Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Clojure, Javascript, Backbone.js, MySQL, Cassandra, Chef, GIT, i18n

  • Architected core time-series data system to replace an aging MySQL solution with a highly scalable service backed by Clojure, Cassandra and RabbitMQ
  • Established Agile process to facilitate rapid development and release cycle from a release every few months to multiple releases a week
  • Successfully designed, developed, and led the technical merger of our product with an acquired company
  • Oversaw and negotiated software staff increases as well as company merger from five software developers to a fifteen member software development team consisting of QA, Design, DevOps, and Developers
  • Automated the internationalization (i18n) of the web application into Japanese, allowing for seamless extension to alternate languages

Key URLs: https://solarems.net

Public Broadcasting Service

Senior Manager of Technology Solutions

2007 - 2011 — Python, Django, Javascript, Backbone.js, MySQL, SOLR, RabbitMQ, Amazon EC2, GIT, Paypal Payflow Pro

  • Successfully launched the nationally recognized PBS LearningMedia service that powers 40+ PBS/partner educational sites
  • Architected and developed the RESTful API service for the educational content service that runs PBS LearningMedia
  • Designed an automated deployment and scaling infrastructure to meet the growing demand of the APIs to PBS stations
  • Managed and inspired a team of 6 diverse in-house developers with multiple off site contractors
  • Guided projects through all phases of development as lead architect and developer
  • Handled budgeting, project scheduling, application and server architecture

Manager of Digital Development

2007 — Python, Django, Javascript, Backbone.js, MySQL, Xapian, Amazon EC2, GIT, SVN, Paypal Payflow Pro

  • Managed multiple project timelines and deliverables
  • Worked with colleagues to identify and develop solutions to operational requirements and shortcomings
  • Negotiated with multiple companies to donate products and services to PBS resulting in recurring savings of over $40,000 (Atlassian, ExtJS, Github, etc.)

Senior Web Technologist

2005 - 2007 — ColdFusion, Java, Javascript, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft IIS, Visual Source Safe

  • Developed and maintained existing e-commerce portal and learning management system
  • Initiated transition to open source course platform
  • Spearheaded introduction of version control and deployment processes into the product development cycle

Key URLs: http://pbslearningmedia.org


Systems Analyst

2004 - 2005 — PL/SQL, PHP, Oracle 9iAS, HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • Built a suite of enterprise web applications using PL/SQL (Oracle 9iAS)
  • Assisted client program managers in tracking and running metrics on their planned acquisitions and existing contracts

Textron Lycoming

Freelance Web Development Consultant

1998 - 2004 — Java, JSP, PHP, ASP, Visual Basic, HTML, CSS, Javascript, DB2, Oracle, Microsoft IIS

  • Worked throughout high school and college, onsite and telecommuting, with the Information Technology Department
  • Designed and provided ongoing development and maintenance of company's dynamic website, which won a national design award
  • Created a unique Intranet site providing executives and employees access to critical business and process information
  • Developed numerous custom applications and tools to solve unique client problems involving the conversion, automation, and filtering of business data
  • Created external marketing site for aircraft engine parts database

Work Samples

Interactive D3.js Powered SVG Visualization tool (with R2D3.js fallback for IE7/8)

Alternate Formats: HTMLPDFPlain TextDOCGitHub

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