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Url2Png-dc is a gem rewritten for the new /v6/ api version of the popular screenshot service URL2PNG.

Includes URL Helpers for:

  • Basic (default) image retrieval beta.url2png.com/.../png/?...
  • Retrieving the new JSON playload beta.url2png.com/.../json/?...
  • And a special method to retrieve the "Cache" URL*

* Outlook was not rendering screenshots using the standard API call for image retrieval.


gem install url2png-dc

Or add to Gemfile

gem 'url2png-dc',  :require => 'url2png_dc'

You may always require later, as you see fit.


Maybe in an initalizer file or something. These will be the become the standard defaults, if you do not provide additional options.

Url2PngDc.configure do |config|
  config.url2png_apikey      = ENV['URL2PNG_APIKEY']
  config.url2png_secret      = ENV['URL2PNG_SECRET']
  # config.viewport_dimensions = '1280x1024'
  # config.fullpage            = true
  # config.force_refresh       = true

Currently this gem only supports the /v6/ API. You can take a look at https://github.com/robinhoudmeyers/url2png-gem if you need support for the older API versions (Also includes HTML tag creation and support for v6).


Currently all the helpers are just URL generators. HTML tag building is not included.

You will have to require (maybe, depending on how you set this up) and include Url2PngDc::UrlHelpers. That will give you access to 3 methods.

Generate the basic URL2PNG url

url_2png "http://twitter.com"

Generate the JSON playload url

url_2json "http://twitter.com"

Generate and get the cache url

url_2cache "http://twitter.com"

url_2cache will make a request out to the JSON payload url and parse the png key in order to get the cached url. So this could take a moment, if you are doing things in real-time.

The cache url (to my knowledge) is removed on a 30 day basis.

If anytime the request or the parsing of the payload fails, it defers to the url_2png method and returns the basic API url instead.

Each method can take a 2nd Hash {} option to override some of the default options for URL generation

url_2png "http://twitter.com", {:fullpage => false, ...}

You can reference URL2PNG's documentation for the available options.

\Standard Rails hooks, so you can just plug and play, will be added shortly. But, if you want to get a jump on things, you can view the quick_start branch, that does a basic include into the view helpers. At this point, I've only tested this on Rails 3. But there will be a larger range of support once the Rails hooks are written.*

Fork it!

After you've done that just run rake for the tests or

rake test

I have an actually "live" test that will make an actual call out to URL2PNG. You will need to add your credentials in order to get a screenshot.


Some where Ruby can find it.

Then you can run it with

rake test:rl


Copyright (c) 2012 Yung Hwa Kwon. See MIT-LICENSE for details.

PS If my spelling and/or grammar is incorrect anywhere, I'm sorry. =)