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Little application that lets you send desktop notifications with one command. It's basically clone of notify-send from libnotify, but it supports reusing notifications on screen by passing its ID. It also does not use any external dependencies (except from libdbus of course).
I wrote it because I needed to reuse notifications on screen in my scripts.


Build dependencies are only pkg-config and libdbus.

$ make
$ sudo make install


From notify-desktop --help:

Usage: notify-desktop [OPTION...] <SUMMARY> [BODY]

   -r, --replaces-id=ID        Specifies the notifications ID that will be replaced
   -u, --urgency=LEVEL         Specifies the urgency level (low, normal, critical)
   -t, --expire-time=TIME      Specifies the timeout in milliseconds to expire the notification
   -a, --app-name=APP_NAME     Specifies the app name for the icon
   -i, --icon=ICON             Specifies an icon filename or stock icon to display
   -c, --category=TYPE         Specifies the notification category

ID of sent notification is written into standard output.


notify-desktop "Minimal notification"

notify-desktop --icon=call-start "Incoming call"

notify-desktop -i down -u low "Low urgency" "Body of low urgency notification"

Example bash functions that use --replaces-id option can be found in doc/ directory.