C# demo project for easily creating toast-style notifications
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Windows Toast Notifications

C# demo project for easily creating toast-style notifications in a Windows application.

Original modified and cleaned up version of code mentioned in Attribution section below was for use in EDGE Shop Flag Notifier (click on Add-Ons tab).


  • Toast-Style Notifications
    • Notifications that pop up near the system tray
  • Notification Animations
    • 4 different ways that a notification can appear (slide, fade, roll, center) and from 4 different directions (up, down, left, right)
  • Custom Duration
    • Notifications can be sticky (click to dismiss) or can disappear based on the defined lifetime
  • Sounds
    • Easy to add sounds to the notifications


Simply build and run the solution. Demo notification launcher allows you to test out the different customizations available.

How to Use

  1. Add the following class files to your project:

    • FormAnimator.cs
    • NativeMethods.cs
  2. Add the Notifications form files to your project:

    • Notification.cs
    • Notification.designer.cs
    • Notification.resx
  3. Customize the appearance of the Notification form

    • Size, color, background (demo uses an image for the background)
  4. Create a toast notification form object in your project's code and call Show() to display it

    Notification toastNotification = new Notification(title, body, duration, animationMethod, animationDirection);


Core code originally retrieved from URL below. No license information supplied.