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The Alzheimer's Disease Prediction Of Longitudinal Evolution (TADPOLE) Challenge involves predicting future data for elderly people at risk of contracting Alzheimer's disease. Specifically, participants in the ADNI-3 study:

TADPOLE Challenge is brought to you by the EuroPOND consortium in association with the Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI)

Git repository:

This collection of code has two purposes:

  1. Helper scripts to assist the participants of TADPOLE Challenge 2017 to generate submissions for the challenge.
  2. For those interested in how we generated the TADPOLE standard data sets, or how we will evaluate submissions to the Challenge, we've made the scripts available here.

Helper scripts and Evaluation scripts are available in the evaluation folder.

Scripts used to generate the TADPOLE standard data sets are in the top folder.

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